Cyprus Hosts STEAMigPOWER Trainer Training: Building Capacity for Inclusive Courses

In a significant step towards empowering migrants and refugees through education, the STEAMigPOWER project conducted a Training of Trainers session in Cyprus from November 22 to 23, 2023. Hosted in collaboration with SEAL Cyprus, the event aimed to equip 24 participants with the necessary skills to deliver the project’s introductory courses on “Social Inclusion” and “Digital Storytelling.”

The meeting brought together all partners of the project, who benefited from the expertise of the Fundació Solidaritat Universitat de Barcelona in the topic of “Social Inclusion”, and SEAL Cyprus in “Digital Storytelling.” The 24 individuals, representing the Consortium’s Higher Education Institutions, underwent intensive training to ensure they can effectively deliver the blended courses as part of the STEAMigPOWER program.

The training focused on understanding the course content, teaching and learning strategies, and development of skills to facilitate and provide on-site activities. These trained individuals will now conduct in-house training for facilitators and co-facilitators who will support the delivery of the courses in 2024.

The courses on “Social Inclusion” and “Digital Storytelling” are integral components of the STEAMigPOWER intensive program, scheduled to be delivered by partner institutions during the upcoming summer. The program aims to reach approximately 250 migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, offering them an opportunity to engage in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) education.

STEAMigPOWER’s commitment to inclusive education and empowering marginalized communities underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing the unique challenges faced by migrants. By providing targeted training, the project not only enhances the skills of the trainers but also ensures a more impactful and meaningful learning experience for the participants.

As the project moves forward, the training of trainers initiative in Cyprus marks a key milestone, setting the stage for a broader and more inclusive approach to education for migrants and refugees in the partner countries.