Project Results

A1 Management, Monitoring and Evaluation Scope and schedule management
A2 Quality Assurance and Risk Management
A3 Transnational Project meetings

A1 Guidelines for the Digital Storytelling blended course

A2 Guidelines for the Social Inclusion blended course

A2 Guidelines for the Social Inclusion blended course (for Participants)

A3 Training of Trainers for delivering the STEAMigPOWER introductory courses
A4 Deliver of the STEAMigPOWER Introductory Blended Intensive Program

A1 Report on the state of art of strategies and methodologies for STEAM in Europe
A2 Report on the state of art of HEI initiatives/courses directed to refugees/asylum seekers in Europe, focusing on women and middle age school students
A3 Final Report on the strategies and methodologies for the STEAMigPOWER Intensive Programs
A4 Design of 5 STEAM courses to be delivered in the STEAMigPOWER Intensive Program
A5 Guidelines to deliver the STEAMigPOWER Intensive Program Modules
A6 Training of Trainers for delivering the STEAMigPOWER Intensive Program
A7 Deliver of the STEAMigPOWER Intensive Program
A8 Report on best practices for delivering successful online STEAM courses
A9 Guidelines to create and deliver the online STEAM Intensive Program Modules
A10 Adaptation of the STEAM Intensive Program Modules to online courses

A1 Specifications of the STEAMigPOWER VLE
A2 Development of STEAMigPOWER VLE
A3 Development of the STEAMigPOWER Online Courses
A4 Pilot testing of the STEAMigPOWER MOOC
A5 Development of STEAMigPOWER Online Course in Greek,Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish
A6 Course Delivery
A7 Evaluation and improvement of the Course
A8 Monitoring

A1 Communication and Dissemination Plan
A2 Dissemination Material
A3-A7 National Multiplier Events (x5)
A8 EU Final Conference