About the Project

Considering the large number of migrants that the European Mediterranean countries are receiving, especially since the migration crisis in 2015, and strongly believing that HEIs should have a fundamental role and responsibility in their socioeconomic integration, the STEAMigPOWER project proposes to develop 5 STEAM courses, mainly in the environment, climate change and sustainable development study fields, which comes in line not only with European priorities but also with their home countries’ needs, preparing migrants both to remain in Europe as well as to return to their home countries, when conflicts come to an end, with the appropriate tools and skills to rebuilding them in a sustainable way.

The developed courses will be delivered face-to-face (UMinho, UBSF, UniPG, AUTh and METU), allowing the communities’ integration through social activities as well as cultural exchange, with the strong support and participation of Associated Partners and in-house volunteer students.

The STEAMigPOWER courses will then be adapted to the online format, being available at the project’s open VLE platform, which intends to position itself as a well-recognized European platform for offering STEAM courses during and after the execution of the project, fueled not only by the participating institutions but also by other institutions that may develop educational contents/courses to these target group.



Main Objectives

  1. Development of the 2-days STEAMigPOWER introductory Blended Intensive Program on EU Civic Integration and Digital Storytelling.
  2. Development and delivery of the 5-days on-site STEAMigPOWER Intensive Program (5 STEAM courses on Environment and Fight against Climate Change).
  3. Development of an open-access VLE platform to deliver the online courses created within the project, aiming also at the participation and content maintenance by other European and worldwide institutions, who are interested in contributing to this cause after the project’s lifetime.
  4. Development and delivery of the STEAMigPOWER Intensive Program Modules in online format, to be available at the VLE platform.

Main Activities

    • Teacher Training for delivering the full STEAMigPOWER Program

    • Create and deliver the STEAMigPOWER Program in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey

    • Development of the VLE platform

    • Development and delivery of the online modules

    • National Multiplier Events and final EU Conference for dissemination


Main Results

    • Project Result 1 – STEAMigPOWER Intensive Program
      • 2-days Introductory STEAMigPOWER Program (EU Civic Integration, Digital Storytelling)
      • 5-days on-site STEAM courses STEAMigPOWER Intensive Program

        • cultural and social program (social integration)

    • Project Result 2 – Digital Stories created by the participants on the STEAMigPOWER Intensive Programs

    • Project Result 3 – STEAMigPOWER VLE Platform

    • Project Result 4 – Online STEAMigPOWER Intensive Program Modules

    • Project Result 5 – STEAMigPOWER Network (HEIs, NGOs, …)


The Project started in December 2022 and is expected to end in November 2026 (36 months). The project is coordinated by the University of UMinho (Portugal), counting with the participation of Universita degli Studi di Perugia (Italy), Fundació Solidaritat Universitat Barcelona (Spain), Aristotelio Panepistimio Thessalonikis (Greece), Middle East Technical University (Turkey), and S.E.A.L. Cyprus (Cyprus).