STEAM approaches at higher education for mIGrants, refugees and asylum seekers’ emPOWERment

About the Project

Considering the large number of migrants that the European Mediterranean countries are receiving, especially since the migration crisis in 2015, and strongly believing that Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) should have a fundamental role and responsibility in their socioeconomic integration, the project proposes to develop the STEAMigPOWER Program, composed by several STEAM courses focused on Environment and Fight against Climate Change but also covering topics like EU Civic Integration and Digital Storytelling. The STEAMigPOWER Program will be delivered online and in person to migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers resettled in partner countries, with priority given to refugee women and pupils.

STEAMigPOWER Programme

12th to 19th July, Braga - Portugal

National Multiplier Events


May 7th, 2024


June 6th, 2024


May 22nd, 2024


May 29th, 2024


June 6th, 2024

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